What is one-cent PPC advertising?

One-cent PPC advertising is advertising on Yandex Direct or Google AdWords configured in such a way that you can attract target visitors to your website for pennies! Once configured correctly, one-cent PPC advertising can bring you up to 10,000 visitors per month for $100. Thus, you’ll pay only $0.01 for each visitor. The conversion rate of an average website is usually 3%, i.e., three visitors out of every hundred will take action (call or place an order). Three percent of 10,000 visitors equals 300 actions (calls or orders). Since we spend $100 on advertising, one action will cost us $0.3.

Yes, one-cent PPC advertising is very profitable! It is probably the least expensive web advertising technique. “Okay, that sounds good, but what’s the catch?” you may ask. “Why has no one offered this to us before you?” Well, there are many pitfalls. The major ones are shown below:

  1. Unfortunately, one-cent PPC advertising cannot be configured for any subject. It is perfect for news portals, entertainment services, and online stores with a great variety of products. Many subjects, however, are impossible to configure for one-cent PPC advertising, and some can attract only a small number of visitors.
  2. $0.01 for a target visitor is an ideal price, but this goal is hard to achieve in the real world. As a rule, usually the price is much higher. Our customers pay an average price of $0.06 per click for each target visitor attracted through a one-cent PPC advertising campaign. Hence, 100 visitors will cost an average of $6; and if the website conversion is 3%, i.e., three visitors out of 100 take action, the average action (phone call or an order) will cost $2. What determines website conversion is described in more detail in the article “Many Visitors but No Calls or Orders! What Should I Do? Why Is the Conversion Rate So Low?
  3. One-cent PPC advertising is very hard to configure and manage, and a significant amount of time is required for such work. For example, creating a one-cent Adwords campaign of 3,000 keywords and adverts with unique headers may take up to one month if done by one person. Of course, this work could be automated, and we do this in part, but fully automated work will be of low quality and won’t always provide the desired results.
  4. Not every advertising agency will undertake to configure a one-cent PPC advertising campaign, as configuration takes a lot of time and effort but one-cent advertising budget is very small, while advertising agencies find it unprofitable to work with small budgets.

So, what’s the secret? How does one-cent PPC advertising allow you to attract visitors for such a low price and, subsequently, to receive orders for very little expense? How do you create a one-cent advertising campaign? There is really no secret involved. Those who are interested may read below.

How do I create a one-cent PPC advertising campaign on Yandex Direct?

  1. Selection of keywords. We select 3,000–10,000 keywords with 30–2,000 searches per month. Ideally, only keywords with little or no competition should be selected. Selection for Yandex Direct may be done with the help of the following service – wordstat.yandex.ru (or Keyword Tool on Google AdWords). A common list of negative keywords should be developed for all the keywords. This step is very important, as negative keywords (or stop words) allow the CTR (click-through-rate) of ads to be increased and lowers the cost per click (CPC). You can read about CTR and why it has such a great impact on cost per click (cost per visitor) in the article “How to Pay for the Top Ad Position Less Than for the lowest Ad Position? How to find out Competitors’ Bids and CTR on Yandex Direct?
  2. Development of headlines and ads. You should have a unique ad for each keyword; otherwise, you will get a low CTR and high cost per click. Moreover, each keyword should have its own unique headline beginning with this keyword. The headline text should attract the attention of prospects, be easy to read, and relate to the text in the ad. Its own unique ad text should be created for each individual landing page.
  3. Configuration of a one-cent PPC advertising campaign. While configuring and managing a one-cent advertising campaign, the primary goal is to obtain the maximum possible CTR so that ads have good positions. A low CTR will entail increasing the cost per click of your ads, phasing them out from good positions and, finally, their blocking. It is highly desirable for an average one-cent advertising campaign CTR to be above 1%. A 3% CTR is considered good for a one-cent campaign. Before launching a newly created one-cent advertising campaign, it is necessary to set high bids and wait for about a month to get statistics and obtain a high CTR of ads. After that, all ads with a CTR under 1% should be turned off; and it’s only then that the bids may be lowered to the required minimum.
  4. One-cent PPC advertising campaign management (for Yandex Direct). After the one-cent advertising campaign has been launched and configured, it is necessary to track the CTR for each keyword as well as for the whole campaign and to keep it high. That’s why one-cent advertising management takes at least one day per month or even more, depending on the number of keywords. Yandex Direct one-cent advertising often has keywords that cost much more than the target price per click, but they have a great value for us, since they can be very numerous and together bring in a good flow of target visitors. As soon as we set the bids very low, such ads are shown among unpopular results on Yandex Direct and have an extremely low CTR. As a result, these ads may depress significantly the company’s overall CTR and increase the cost per click for all ads. However, newly created ads have no CTR at all and the average CTR of the whole advertising campaign is used to calculate bids for these ads. Thus, in order to maintain a high overall CTR and not miss visitors from these keywords, we can create ads for these keywords and then delete them and create again after the very first click on the ad. In this way, we will obtain an average CTR of an advertising campaign for such ads so that they have good positions and do not spoil the CTR of the whole advertising campaign. It is necessary to track the first click on these words and then delete these ads and re-create them.

One-cent PPC advertising allows you to attract target visitors to your website at the lowest possible price, but it is very hard to configure and manage. Our company (WEB-LEADER) specializes in the configuration of one-cent advertising campaigns. Come to work with us! We are confident that you will be pleased with the results.

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