Our team

Max Krivosheev

I have been engaged in PPC advertising, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing since 2004. I have great experience in this area as well as in web development. I graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as an applied mathematician and a programmer. And I have MS degree in Computer Science.

I’m a Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Yandex Direct, and Begun certified expert (click to enlarge).


Additional courses and trainings:
Course “Marketing”
Course “Marketing, promotion and optimization in Web”
Course “Searchengine optimization”
Course of web design “HTML и CSS”
Course of web mastering “Programming in PHP”
Course “Web server programming”

Orlova Ekaterina

She has been involved in online advertising since 2009. She knows and can do almost everything, ranging from web development and usability analysis to search engine optimization. Ekaterina successfully promoted the baby.ru project in social networks. She is a Yandex Direct certified expert and is also second to none in configuring contextual advertising and one-cent advertising campaigns. Ekaterina graduated from the Psychology Department of Tver State University. She is a master of communication, and talking with her is a great pleasure.

Sadovskaya Ksenya

Ksenya has been engaged in Internet advertising since 2007 and is very good at SEO, web-analytics and website usability. She is a Begun certified expert. Graduated from the Economics Department of Saint-Petersburg Sate University RFE. Ksenya is an unrivaled master of communication – she will find the right approach to any even the most difficult client. And she is a very successful sales person.

Our team has about 15 members. When we manage to take a good photo of each team member then we will immediately publish the photos here.