Many Visitors but No Calls or Orders! What Should I Do? Why Is the Conversion Rate So Low?

Let’s assume that you spend $1000 per month on contextual advertising or website promotion, and this provides you with 1,000 visitors to your website ($1/visitor). But unfortunately, you have no calls or orders, i.e., the conversion rate of your website (the ratio of visitors who take action to the overall number of visitors) is zero.

What is the reason for a low conversion? Why are there no calls or orders?

The three major reasons are as follows:

  1. Traffic quality (non-target audience). “Bad” keywords. Wrong visitors come to your website. For example, you sell pumps but your website is visited by people who seek dental services. Naturally, they will leave your website immediately. Or, you sell pumps but your website is visited by people who gather certain information about pumps but don’t want to buy them. How do you avoid non-target visitors? You need to scan thoroughly your list of keywords and keep only those that bring target visitors to your website. Accordingly, if you sell pumps, your list of keywords should not include such words as “Moscow’s dental offices.” If you want visitors who want to buy pumps, you need to select so called “selling” keywords like those ones that relate to selling, e.g., “buy a pump.” There are also many other nuances that should be taken into account when selecting keywords.
  2. Website. Usability trouble. Landing page optimization trouble. Your website does not motivate visitors to take the action you need, such as calling or completing an application form. Many reasons may account for this lack of action, including the following:
      • “Blah-blah-blah.” Poor texts. The landing page, where users are redirected, contains no required information. Landing pages often contain “blah-blah-blah” texts that are ones of no interest to anyone. You should include very specific information that will encourage a visitor to make a required action. When prospects find your website, they need to know the answers to three key questions: 1. What exactly am I being offered here? 2. Is it profitable to make an order nowhere else but here? 3. Can I trust this organization? If users can’t find the required information, they will leave the page right away.
      • Ugly design. The website looks as if it was developed by a schoolboy for $100. No matter how much you have invested in your website, it should look like a website of a reputable and trustworthy company.
      • Contact information is hard to find. Contact information should be easily noticeable and available on each page of the website.
      • The website looks messy and untidy, contains misprints and grammar mistakes, empty pages, disabled buttons, inactive links, and unfilled boxes, e.g., “Price -” under a product. The page layout is broken, and photos and pictures are low in quality and stylistically dissimilar.
      • Small font. A very small, illegible font or text is used against a dark background.
      • Clumsy website navigation. Illogical, poor website structure. Information is hard to find.
      • Loading time. The website takes too long to load.
  3. Unprofitable terms. Maybe you unreasonably have the highest prices and an unprofitable proposal. If people can go to any competitor’s website and buy the same product or service for a much lower price, why on Earth would they call you or take any other action?

We have listed the most popular and widespread reasons here. Of course, other negative factors may also take place, e.g., the conversion rate may depend on a season. It drops during a low season and increases during a high season.

So, what should be done to boost the conversion rate?

If your website does not produce calls or orders, make sure to verify your keywords, the website itself, and analyze how profitable your proposal appears to prospects. First and foremost, you should check the factors we have listed, and correct the abovementioned mistakes. That will help you get your long-desired calls and orders in 95% of the cases.

Is it worth doing this? Let’s calculate. For instance, the conversion rate of your website is now 1%, and you get 10 calls (or actions) per month with 1,000 visitors for $1,000. So you are paying $100 for an action. If the website is much improved and a 3–10% conversion rate is attained, you’ll get 30–100 instead of 10 calls per month for the same money, i.e., one action will cost you $10–30. The difference is obvious! That is why thorough web design and usability are so important. You need to design your website in the best possible way if you want to get good results, and save most of your money for advertising.

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