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I am selling clients for $2 each!

My name is Max Krivosheev. I offer clients for your business for just $2 each. Of course, the price of an order or a phone call will vary significantly across different subjects, but the average price for our customers is only $2 for each client.

What’s the secret? How can we get such a low price?

There is no secret! We specialize in one-cent PPC advertising on Yandex Direct and Google AdWords. We select at least several thousands very specific high quality keywords and create unique advert texts and headers for each one. As a result, we can supply a high-quality traffic to websites of our customers for peanuts!

We do not work with just anybody!

One-cent advertising campaign setup is a hard work and our team is not too big. That’s why we work only with companies older than one year and only with high quality websites.

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